Unions have long served as the backbone of our economy, fighting alongside our elected officials to further the causes of working families. That’s why it’s a travesty that representatives like my opponent, Craig Riedel, continue to blame them for Ohio’s stagnant economy. Representative Riedel has introduced legislation attacking collective bargaining, prevailing wage, and funding for unions across the state of Ohio. I understand that “Right to Work” only gives us the right to work for less. I’ll fight to ensure the safety of organized labor from crooked politicians in Columbus.

Education Reform

As a student and the son of a teacher, I’ve seen just how broken our education system is. We need a format that teaches students more and tests them less, while trusting parents and school boards to make the tough decisions- instead of the state insisting that it knows better.

We need to bring down the cost of college education to ensure that our students are prepared to succeed in the current economy.

Drug Crisis

Ohio has led the nation in deaths due to drug overdoses for years, and Columbus’s apathetic reaction to the situation has only increased its deadliness. I’ve seen it firsthand in my school and in my community. The time for waiting on the sidelines, hoping the drug problem will solve itself is over. We need representatives willing to act. 

I have a three-step plan to begin to combat this issue:

  1. Education

Let’s involve the students and young people in Ohio in a dialogue about the real-world consequences of drug use, furthering the use of programs like D.A.R.E across our state. We need to prepare the next generation of Ohioans to stay away from this epidemic.

2. Prevention

By providing our first responders and local governments with as many opportunities to save the lives of those at risk, we can begin to push back against the mounting mortality rate. This means getting them all the Narcan (a life-saving drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose) as we possibly can.

3. Rehabilitation

We can’t begin to rebuild our workforce until it’s clean again. We can make this happen by ending the cycle of treating addicts like criminals. It’s important to understand that these people are victims of the manufacturers and dealers who are targeting people at-risk for addiction and bringing deadly drugs across our borders. Those are the people we need to prosecute.

For those who fell victim to these drugs and drug-pushers, rehab is the right sentence- not prison. Furthermore, offering businesses a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) for hiring the addicts who have recovered from this issue, we can reform and rebuild our labor.

Jobs & The Economy

Ohio can’t compete in the global economy until our big issues are resolved. Employers don’t want to set up shop in a state where the number of drug addicts is rising and the number of college graduates is dropping. Once we rebuild these critical institutions, we can start to bring jobs back to the Buckeye State.

Furthermore, investing in new industries is key. Columbus and the Midwest are supposed to be the next Silicon Valley. By preparing our workers, and making sure Northwest Ohio gets as many new jobs as possible, we can insure that our community is employed for generations to come.


Right now, two State Senate committees are investigating why our roads and bridges are falling apart. This transportation infrastructure is vital to our citizens and our businesses, which is why it’s shameful that our government has let it go to waste. It’s necessary to reinforce and revitalize these mainstays of our society to protect our industry and our people.

Tax Reform

Politicians in Columbus claim to be saving us money by cutting taxes and slashing programs, but the only thing that they’re cutting is the link between state and local government. This lack of movement in both information and money has continuously forced these local governments to raise taxes through initiatives and ballot issues. Furthermore, once these initiatives pass, your tax dollars are still sent to Columbus where roughly 3% is kept by the statehouse. That has to stop. As working Ohioans, we deserve to keep what we earn. As your representative, I’ll make sure that that happens.


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